Elizabeth Liddle & Billy Smith - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Elizabeth Liddle & Billy Smith shares their dream tour lineups.

Elizabeth Liddle & Billy Smith - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock/country/americana artists, Elizabeth Liddle & Billy Smith, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineups. You can check out their picks below:

For me, I would have loved to be on The Who’s first tour of America. That must of been a crazy time to be alive. One of the craziest stories I’ve heard is when Keith Moon would flush cherry bombs down the toilet knowing what floor they would blow up on! Mental. That tour might have actually been too much for me. I guess any British band going on their first American tour like Cream, Humble Pie and even The Beatles. No phones, just good times partying after gigs and living your life properly. That would be my dream tour.

This is very hard for me as the 70s had so many classic album releases that would have been toured at the time that I would have not only wanted to see but also be able to say I played on , such as Tapestry-Carole King , Deja Vu- Crosby,Stills, Nash & Young and No Secrets- Carly Simon to name a few.

Maybe my choice is slightly predictable due to the nature of our song but I would have to say Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours world tour between 1977-1978. To be able to witness the undeniable chemistry between Buckingham and Nicks, their love/hate relationship on stage and of course the power lineup of the band itself. To be able to play a alongside the likes of Stevie Nicks one of the most influential female artists in my opinion would just be unbelievable.

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