Join us as Droeloe shares what he does to prepare for taking the stage.

(photo credit: Sami Taylor)

In this Preshow Rituals segment, the indie electronic artist, Droeloe, reveals what he does before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

On the day of show I try to eat very little, for some reason I function better when I haven’t eaten for a majority of the day, more clear headed. Around two hours before my set I try to get a 20 minute nap in on the greenroom couch. I always tell people to pay no mind to me sleeping there because it’s more about closing my eyes for a bit than to get actual sleep.

If I forget for even a split second that I’m to perform in a few hours the nap is “successful”. After the nap I meditate for 15 minutes,
the first 10 minutes are scanning my body and focusing on presence, and during the last 5 minutes I focus on the feeling of gratitude and peace; “if I died now, it’s ok” kinda feeling.

Than I wake up my body, “jumpkicks” and push-ups while yelling into a mirror trying to crack myself up (mostly just laugh at myself for how stupid I act but it gets the job done in getting into a mindstate I’m comfortable with on stage)

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