Debt Neglector – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, Debt Neglector, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

Debt Neglector

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, Debt Neglector, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Alex – Vocals/Bass:
The ultimate Debt Neglector dream tour would be a pretty wild and eclectic experience. And we’d 1000% need a DeLorean, a wormhole in time and space, or some sort of superpower to make some of it happen. I’ll let the rest of the members speak for themselves because democracy is important, but I would 100% choose Minor Threat as my dream band to see. But I don’t want a 2021 Minor Threat reunion. That just sounds depressing. Their youthful angst is a huge part of their charm and seeing them lumbering around on stage at 50 would just be kind of weird. Give me the 1982 version of Minor Threat. I want to see that 5-piece version of the band where Brian Baker has switched to second guitar and Steve Hansgen is on bass. I feel like that’s when they were really firing on all cylinders. Basically, I want to hear them play all of Out of Step and those first two EP’s every single night. For me, it was a pretty easy choice. They were the band that got me interested in playing and writing my own music in the first place. They turned me from a passive music fan into an active participant and they’ll always hold a special place in my heart because of that. When I saw that they were just teenagers at the time, and they were recording and putting out these badass records themselves it was inspiring. It made me feel like I (a young kid at the time) could do it too. Being transported to one of those wild-packed shows would be amazing. In my head, I’d be right up in the front singing along, but the truth is I’m probably too old for that. At this point, I would probably just intensely watch from the back, enjoying a drink, and hoping they don’t get mad at me for drinking it.
Zach – Drums:
I am the musical sore thumb of the band. The truth is that I enjoy all sorts of music, but I am especially fond of heavy music, especially when I am driving everyone home after a show and trying to stay awake. The band I would love to have on tour is one that I am bummed I didn’t get into until right after they stopped playing. Necrophagist! Tech-Death at its finest. They had such a talent at playing the most intricate and complicated parts and somehow making it catchy (enough) at the same time. Any iteration of the lineup would work, but I would be especially stoked to see Romain Goulon play drums every night. Who knows, maybe I would be able to convince them to release a new record that has been hinted at for the last decade.
Burns – Guitar/Vocals:
The thing I love most about being in this band is that it actually is such a melting pot of weird shit and genres across multiple decades. A good amount of my main influences for learning an instrument traces back to pop punk of the mid-to-late 90s, but if I had to choose one band to be on tour with, I think I’d end up at Operation Ivy. A pioneer for so much of what brought me up at youth was molded from the grit of Bay Area punk, and I think OpIvy is kind of the pinnacle for this. Raw and fun and exciting and true—it just seems like it would be the absolute most fun to watch night after night. Can you imagine trying to grab the mic during “Knowledge” or skanking around with a bunch of people to “Bad City”? Holy shit, that sounds fun as hell.
Pfister – Guitar / Vocals:
I would have to choose a Late-1962 version of the Beatles. At the time they were playing in Hamburg with a newly joined Ringo on drums and were on the cusp of unprecedented stardom. Ringo was the one who pulled all the loose ends together and created the four-headed monster we came to know as the Beatles. John Lennon always said the best stuff they ever did almost no one heard, in those clubs, when they were “a great little band.” In fact, Klaus Voormann had never played an instrument in his life, but one night he was walking past a club and heard the Beatles playing and it just lured him in. He started learning bass the very next day and would go on to play with Lou Reed, Carly Simon, and on a lot of the solo Beatles stuff from the 70s. He also did the Revolver cover art! But that 1962 version of the Beatles, with Ringo fresh on the drums, would be something amazing to see. Find the Star Club records of “Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry” and in particular “Red Hot”. It’s raw, free of Beatlemania, and to this day, no punk band on planet earth can rip as hard as they do on “Red Hot”.
So there you have it. An early 80’s hardcore punk band, a Tech-Death Metal Band, a ska punk band, and the fucking Beatles. It would 100% go down as the weirdest tour ever but I guess there’s something for almost everyone!

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