Deathnap – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the hardcore punk band, Deathnap, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the hardcore punk band, Deathnap, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Alright, dream tour, let’s kick it. These artists we picked are bands we look up to, bands we love or would love to be around, bands that inspire us, bands that we miss dearly, and bands we would love to learn from.
P.A. – Guitars
Every Time I Die is mandatory on our list. Their tone, their energy, and their live performances are among the best we have witnessed in the past 20 years. All of us in Deathnap are die-hard ETID fans, so putting them on our dream tour list is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, they went separate ways earlier this year, but touring with them just to hear those bangers from ‘’Radical’’ and the classics a couple of times more would be a treat. The gear nerd that I am, I would have the chance to talk gear with the Big Guy himself and put out another DVD of Sh!t Happens with us in it. The king is dead, long live ETID.
Elliot – Drums
I’d love to tour with Stick To Your Guns. I feel like as individuals we could learn so much from being around these guys. Not only do I know these fine fellas from seeing them countless times live, but I feel that we share so many values in common with them. They have been touring for the majority of their lives, and the number of experiences they must have gathered throughout those years would be absolutely fantastic to hear and, in many cases, eye-opening and thought-provoking for sure. From playing in Kenya for the Hardcore Help Foundation to Jesse Barnett’s All Power Books bookstore in L.A. I am sure being around this group of beautiful souls for a couple of weeks, would make us all better people. Oh yeah, and their music is fucking sick too.
Cedric – Bass
Great American Ghost from Boston would be on our dream list. GAG is relentless, mean, hungry, intense, brutal, loud, heavy, coarse, insane, and GOOD. As soon as I heard their first record, I knew right away these guys would go places. Since they started touring, I have never seen them take a breather aside from the bastard pandemic period. I also like to think our sound in Deathnap has some tones of resemblance to GAG, but man these guys are heavy. I would love to have them in the first bands of the package, best way to warm up the crowd with some sick pits.
Nick – Vocals
I would do a lot of stupid things to convince and bring back The Greenery together. They were so far ahead of their time with the mixed genre of Thrash and Death Metal with hardcore vibes. They were amazing to see live. Matthew was one of the fiercest frontmen I have ever seen, just constantly yelling at your face. I have fond memories of hanging out and partying with these dudes, also. Even to this day, I believe they are such an underrated band. These guys were just killer riffs, screeching vocals, and fast and pounding drums. The last time I saw these guys, they were touring with Comeback Kid. Everyone agreed that they were so good. God damn it, I love and miss you green dudes.

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