Dead Crown – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the metalcore band, Dead Crown, shares some of their tips for being on tour.

Dead Crown

In this Tour Tips segment, the metalcore band, Dead Crown, shares some of their tips for being on tour. You can check out their tips, after the break.

“It’s no secret that drinking alcohol and spirits is a big part of tour. But this can go south real quick. So this is the system that I usually rock on the daily tour grind. When you show up for load-in, help load the cabs and gear into the venue but then dip to the nearest bar right after. This way you can say you helped but also start catching a buzz early. Don’t worry about the backline and gear. Kendall will already be stressed out and on it and take care of the backline for you. The key is to catch a buzz early so you’re loose when doors open. Then you have your 2 drinks with your drink tickets at the venue bar and by that time you’re good to go for your set and not too drunk. Then after your set, you will have sweated it out and your ready to have a nightcap beer with the boys. So this way, no one is too drunk and nothing messy happens. Keep the cocktails simple. Be conscious of what’s gonna be sloshing around in your stomach on stage. I keep my cocktails simple. Either whiskey on the rocks, gin and tonic, or vodka and soda (soda water is also hydrating and therefore, healthy). If you’re feeling a little tired maybe throw in a vodka Redbull. Drink responsibly always. And this doesn’t mean just drinking and driving, this also means handling your shit and knowing your limits.”
“Alright, let’s talk about feet. I and countless others always have foot and foot Oder problems while on the road. I even have a friend who got trench foot on tour. Nothing will kill the vibe harder than having wet, smelly feet. It stinks up the van, will ruin your shoes, and make you never want to take them off because they stink so bad and will overall just make life on the road harder. Over the last couple of tours, I have found a system to keep your piggies dry, healthy, and smell-free for the most part. Tony from American Me once said “Look at those fuckin boats” while referring to my feet, just to put some perspective on what kind of feet I’m dealing with. They are flat, wide, and big hahaha. Making me even more subject to these problems. So here is the tip; invest in some nice comfy slides. It sounds simple, yet I’ve only seen a couple of people on this genius tour hack. Get yourself some slides and whenever you’re in the van or doing light activity, rock the slides, let your feet breathe, and keep them dry. Then when it’s time to load in, throw the shoes on. After load-out at the end of the night, kick off the shoes and socks and get back in the slides. This keeps your feet time in socks in shoes limited to only a couple of hours a day. So you’re not building up as much sweat and moisture and wear. So your feet are way happier and your shoes and feet won’t stink nearly as bad if at all. The other benefit to the slides is when you pull into the truck stop at 3am and your dick is leaking piss cuz you have to pee so bad, you can just slide those thangs on and fly out of the van rather than wrestling your shoes and socks in the tiny bench space you have for 10 minutes. This will also extend the shelf life of socks. I keep my shoes and slides under my bench for easy rotation. This simple purchase and system has made touring a much better experience. 10/10 full send that shit.”

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