Join us as Davis Gestiehr shares the story of his first concert.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the alternative rock artist, Davis Gestiehr, talks about the story of his first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

I won’t front and say I had a conventional upbringing because I didn’t in any regard. My parents are punks, and growing up, my informative years were spent fully emersed in the discographies of bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and Iggy Pop. Many kids grow resentful of the music their parents showed them as children, but in my case, being under their tutelage was quite possibly the best thing for me musically.

Through my parent’s influence, I started to find my own niches and fell in love with 90’s rock and specifically Green Day. At 11, I attended my first Green Day concert at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. As a die-hard fan, I did my research prior to the show and saw that Billie Joe would pick a member of the crowd to come on stage and sing the last verse of ‘Longview’ with the band. So, as a rebellious 11-year-old, I made a sign, shoved it down my pants, and snuck it into the venue.

About mid-way through the set, Billie Joe saw my sign in the crowd and asked me to join them on stage. I then proceeded to scream profanities in my pre-pubscent voice and absolutely nailed the third verse of ‘Longview.’ Billie Joe proclaimed that this was “the most memorable moment of [his] entire life’ and gave me his custom shop Telecaster. This guitar would come to be the guitar I wrote my newest single, ‘Remeron’ on.

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