Daisy Grenade – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, Daisy Grenade, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.

Daisy Grenade

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop punk band, Daisy Grenade, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

This is such a tough question, and now I’m regretting picking this prompt. There are a few people I have in mind, so it’s just gonna have to be a MEGA tour moment. First off, I am completely and utterly obsessed with Yungblud. He would have to be on this tour for a few reasons. One: because I think he really led the charge on putting emo back into the mainstream. I fell in love with 21st Century Liability when it came out in 2018, and I’ve been such a huge fan ever since. I think he really embodies the future of punk, not only in his music but in how politically and socially active he is. I often feel like we mayyyyyy in fact be kindred spirits. I also got to see him live in Seattle in 2018, and he puts on SUCH an insane show that I literally need to be around that kind of energy. I feel like we would just really put on a crazy show. This is my official request to open for Yungblud on tour.
Secondly, I always forget how much 60s folk influences me today. I would love nothing more than to tour with Crosby Stills Nash & Young. I have such a nostalgia for that era of music, and I think those dudes encompass the entirety of what that time in music meant. I would love to just sit and listen to them tell stories all night. I’m sure they are absolutely WILD. Shoutout to my mom who actually was Neil Young’s personal trainer in the Bay Area in the 80s. She has some wild stories as well.
Last but certainly not least has gotta be Phoebe Bridgers. I think she is truthfully the reason I found the confidence to start writing the way that I do. Her lyricism is some of the most impressive work I’ve seen in literal decades, and every time I listen to ‘Punisher’ I hear something new. I actually feel like I owe so much to her as a writer. I would like to thank her! On top of the fact that I am obsessed with her social media presence and have obviously created an intense para-social relationship with her, and I assume we would be best friends. I suppose I’d just like to test that theory.
I am about to give the most non-shocking, non-earth-shattering answer. But there’s a REASON I think a lot of people would agree with me! Here we go–coming out the gate hot with Fall Out Boy. COME ON. This requires no thought at all. We’ve been working with Pete Wentz for the better part of a year now, and I’ve been drawing musical and artistic inspiration from FOB since I was a kid. The lyrics, the infectious melodies, plus I’m pretty sure Pete has a literal pyro tech attached to the head of his bass. So the shows would be obviously ~sick.~ They have so much energy and they all seem so silly and have been the GOATs for a long time. It would be a dream to spend time with all of them and learn about music and live performances from watching them. Then also, if we were on tour with them, it would kind of be like I was at every one of their concerts and could simultaneously be performing but also rocking out at a FOB concert every day as a fan. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me!
I’m also going to give an option that is fully and most probably a possibility–hopefully in the near future! Bonsai Trees. Bonsai Trees is the brainchild of our dear friend James MacPherson… They are simply one of the most talented musicians and songwriters I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in my entire life–past, present, and future. Since discovering their music a few months ago, I’ve been unable to listen to really anything but. Every time I hear one of their songs, I take something new away from it (and I’ve listened…a lot). We were on a bill with them in the beginning of June, and I had a truly transcendent experience screaming all of their lyrics back at them when they closed out the night. Their energy on stage is phenomenal, their voice is everything I’ve ever wanted from a punk/alt artist, and also they’re my friend and that’s the coolest part. Their lyrics? *chef’s kiss.* Their instrumental parts? *also chef’s kiss.* Their art actively inspires me to be a better artist. Most importantly– they’re wonderfully kind human beings, and I think it would be such a pleasant & fun experience to be on tour with them!

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