In this First Concert Ever segment, the country music duo, Cross Atlantic, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music.

Cross Atlantic

In this First Concert Ever segment, the country music duo, Cross Atlantic, talks about the story of their first experiences with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

When I was a kid, I listened to whatever was on the radio. One day my Dad decided that he needed to introduce me to ‘real music’, so he went out and bought Deep Purple’s Greatest Hits album in order to educate me. Six months later their show at the Manchester Arena was my first ever concert. We took my childhood best friend along and we saw first-hand how the legends do it. The show itself was fantastic – classic song after classic song, culminating in the moment that guitarist Steve Morse started playing the legendary riff to Smoke On The Water to close out the night. As those first couple of notes played, the roar was enough to make the hairs on your arms stand up.
But the show itself wasn’t the only story from my first concert experience.
We were staying in a local hotel, as home was a little far away to get back to at that time of night. Dad decided he wanted a nightcap before bed, so the three of us went to the bar (it was just sodas for my friend and I!) Thirty minutes later, just as we were about to leave, Deep Purple walked in. We were beyond excited, so we went over to tell them what a great show they’d put on. We spent the next hour, hanging out in the bar with them. We felt like we were celebrities. I think they got as much of a kick hanging out with us as we got hanging out with them. They were so excited to have young fans! All the band members signed the drinks menu that was on the table and I still have that signed menu to this day. I hope the bar doesn’t want it back!
My first concert was in 2002 and it was definitely a special one. I was 6 and my dad had won George Strait tickets for the family over the radio! My mom got my little sister and me matching red western shirts and we were picked up in a limousine at our house that took us all the way to Kansas City for the concert. A whole 3 hours in a limo with all the snacks and soda you can imagine was quite the occasion for a small town 6-year-old, especially since I was on my way to see my favorite country singer.
We were taken backstage for the meet and greet where George signed our shirts (which of course I still have but it doesn’t fit anymore) and my dad finally met his idol and had him sign his acoustic guitar.
The show started and at such a young age I watched and learned from the King just do his thing. I sang along to every single song and my sweet little sister fell asleep to “Write This Down” somewhere in the middle. I stayed awake and in awe the whole time. That night encouraged my little country heart to be a singer. I’ll never forget it and I have the pictures to prove it. Still love you, George Strait.

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(photo credit: Joel Alexandar)