In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop artist, Cmagic5, reveals what she does before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop artist, Cmagic5, reveals what she does before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals, after the break.

The moments leading up to a live performance is one of my favorite experiences as a musician. No matter how many shows I’ve had, every performance experience feels incredibly unique like it’s happening for the very first time. While I like to change things up, I do have a few pre-show rituals that I like to maintain to ensure I’m 110% ready for the stage.
Vocal health is something that is extremely important to me and is one of the first lessons I teach my students as a Royal Conservatory Music-certified vocal mentor. The first thing I always do before a performance is make sure my vocals are all warmed up. I would either pull up the set of vocal warmups I created and recorded for myself on my phone or accompany myself with a piano and go through a series of my favorite vocalization exercises including the lip trill and obnoxiously loud sighs that sounds like a dying cat… but hey, it works like magic! Oh, and how could I forget the classic Sharpay Evans warmup from High School Musical “Prrr Prrr Mah Mah!” (the 10-year-old me would be so proud). Then, I enjoy a warm cup of tea, usually green, to soothe my vocals. On the day of the performance, I always do a quick soundcheck to get familiar with the equipment and rehearse my set, as well as thank the sound guy for all their hard work! It’s also important for me to be completely relaxed before going out on stage, so I always love doing some stretches, shoulder rolls, etc. If the show is in the evening and I have some time during the day before getting dressed, I love to squeeze in a workout or some Yoga to get my energy levels up and good vibes flowing!
The next part of my pre-show ritual is to be my own hype-woman!! To do this, I listen to some motivational speech videos on YouTube while getting dressed. Then, I like to listen to a playlist that I created on Spotify which includes a whole bunch of ‘pump-me-up’ tracks like “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “Run the World” by Queen Bey. Listening to feel-good music is absolutely essential to me because it makes me feel like a total badass and gets me pumped right away! This is actually one of the main reasons why I enjoy creating music that is uplifting and empowers my listeners.
Towards the end of my pre-show ritual, I always practice gratitude before any performance. I usually like to find a quiet spot somewhere and do some meditation and deep breathing to be fully present in the moment and thank God for my blessings. Being able to create and perform my own music is truly a blessing and a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain. I am incredibly grateful for the fans and listeners who connect and relate with my music on a personal level. I usually see my parents and give them a big hug before any performance because they are always there to support me. And finally, while I’m backstage, I gotta get in those selfies for the gram! So, if I’m ever late for a performance, you know why Thanks for joining me on my pre-show ritual.

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