Join us as Charlie Finch tells you the story of his first concert.


In this First Concert Ever segment, the alternative pop artist, Charlie Finch, talks about the story of his first experience with live music. You can check out the story below:

I grew up in a small city called Port Elizabeth (now Gqeberha) in South Africa. In truth we never really had many concerts come through here, so the first concert I ever attended was only after I was able to drive. A band called Bastille had a single on the radio called Pompeii, which was really big here at that time, and they just so happened to be playing a concert in Cape Town - which is about 750km(466 miles) away from Port Elizabeth. My girlfriend at the time, who has later become my wife, and I decided we would road trip up to Cape Town to see them live.

As we didn’t know any of their music besides their single on the radio we got our hands on two of their albums and played them on repeat for a nine hour drive. By the time we got there I knew the lyrics to every song and honestly it was worth it, because being able to sing the lyrics to every song at a concert makes the experience so much better. I’ll give Bastille this, they did not disappoint. They put on an incredible show, Dan Smith (The lead vocalist) jumping into the crowd at Kirstenbosch Gardens with a wired mic and running through the crowd all the while two stage crew just trying their best to not let the mic cable take anyone out, was an absolutely magical moment.

You may be wondering what we listened to on the nine our drive home… I am unashamed to let you know that it was the same two albums that we listened to on the drive up. That will remain one of my favourite memories regarding a live concert that I have ever had. Shout out to Bastille for the memory.

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