Carver Commodore – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the alternative rock band, Carver Commodore, talks about the stories of their first experiences with live music.

Carver Commodore

In this First Concert Ever segment, the alternative rock band, Carver Commodore, talks about the stories of their first experiences with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

Payton – The first concert I remember going to was a Lynyrd Skynyrd/Allman Brothers show at the VBC in Huntsville, AL. I was probably 8 years old, and I remember LOVING every minute of it until I fell asleep during one of the long Allman Brothers jams. Definitely some typical growing-up-in-Alabama kinda stuff, but I loved it, and still love both bands! Thanks for taking me, dad!
Phillip – The GO SHOW feat. Audio Adrenaline, Kutless, and Mercy Me. There were so many firsts that night: the first time I ever stood up for live music, the first time I ever saw a mohawk, and the first time sub-bass rattled in my chest. Even after all of this cool stuff, I’m pretty sure the concession stand was still the highlight for my 3rd-grade self. A big thank you to my parents and the OG Audio A for giving me a great first concert experience! Honorable mention: Alan Jackson and Martina McBride the following summer.
Noah – The Appetite for Construction Tour. It’s November of 2007, I’m in seventh grade and I got tickets to see my two favorite bands play on my birthday. Switchfoot and Relient K. To make a long story short, I-20 East got shut down, a two-hour drive became a FIVE-hour drive, and we walked in the venue as Relient K walked off stage… Needless to say, I was pretty bummed we missed half of the show. I do recall Jon Foreman screaming into his pickups and hanging from the balcony with lights wrapped around his mic cable that night. I remember that blowing my mind. Fast forward to 2016 – after NINE YEARS I finally got redemption. I got to see two of the most influential bands of my life on the same tour together, and it was well worth the wait.
David – Growing up in a Christian family (and before being introduced to the wide range of music I would discover in middle and high school) meant in 2006 I was all about Family Force 5. At church on Sunday, I found out they were playing at UAH that night. I remember running to find my dad and begging him to take me (on a school night). My dad, being a massive lover of music and his kids, obliged, and off we went. I remember guitars being thrown, the shake of the subs in my bones, and Soul Glow climbing the truss and hanging what 12 year old me believed to be 100 feet above the stage. The energy, fun, and sheer volume exploded my preadolescent brain. After the show, ears ringing and inspired, I sheepishly asked the band to sign my Element Skateboarding hat. They did and I was certain from that night on that I’d be in a band one day. Still have the hat too.
Clayton – Every summer, my small hometown in Alabama would put on a Christian music festival called GODSTOCK (pretty original name, right?) Some of my relatives worked it so that meant us getting there at 8:00 am to help the artists load in and staying until the stage was cleared and everyone had left. For me, this was perfect. Getting to spend all day outside surrounded by friends was every 8-year old’s dream. During the show, I would usually be too preoccupied with having lightsaber duels with my buddies to care about who was playing on stage. That is until the year Switchfoot headlined. From the moment the first overdriven chord was struck and the resounding boom of the kick drum thumped against my chest, I was hooked. My lightsaber hit the ground and I immediately rushed to get as close to the stage as possible. I hadn’t heard music sound this exhilarating before. The energy was in the air and everyone could feel it. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but I’m sure that night sparked something in me that would eventually turn into my dream. I never had another lightsaber duel after that night.

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