Captive State – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the post-hardcore band, Captive State, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.

Captive State

In this Dream Tour segment, the post-hardcore band, Captive State, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Hey I’m Tony, the vocalist for Captive State. I’ve been dreaming of my ultimate tour lineup for years and it always changes, but I have a solid lineup to share. Starting off we(Captive State) would open on this dream tour, so we can watch these amazing bands rip the stage every night on tour. I also love being the underdogs on a bill so we can come out swinging and get the crowd hyped for the rest of the show.
The second band would probably be Whitechapel. Whitechapel has been a big inspiration to the five of us for years now. Phil Bozeman was a vocalist that inspired me when I was younger to actually commit to learning how to do harsh vocals. Still, to the day with their new release, Phil inspires me to do different things with my voice and to grow as a vocalist. So it would be a dream come true to be able to tour with them and even get some insight and learn from them.
Now for the third band, we’re gonna shake it up a little and do some resurrecting and bring home Chester Bennington with Linkin Park. Their setlist would contain a majority of songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora. When I was younger my family had introduced me to a wide range of genres of Metal, Punk, Rock, and Rap through burning CDs and the radio. But Hybrid Theory was the first album I personally have ever owned, and it lived in my walkman for most of my elementary school years. They have a huge impact on my music life and Chester was the first vocalist that got me wanting to learn how to scream at a younger age, so it would be amazing to share the stage with them.
Up next we would have Deftones, why? Because it’s f****** Deftones that’s why haha. This one is just off pleasure alone, I would love to be able to watch and party to Deftones every night for however long the tour was. If they played straight hits off each album, I’ll be in heaven. It would also be awesome to hang with the guys in Deftones and learn from them.
Now for our headliner, I would like to do some resurrecting again and bring back 2 metal gods to play with their band again for one last tour. Joey Jordison and Paul Gray of Slipknot. Being able to tour with Slipknot alone would be a dream come true in itself, but touring with the OG Slipknot lineup would be insane! I know the other guys would agree with me that Slipknot was one of those key bands that really drove us to want to be in a band and play metal music. Their music has been inspirational to all of us and their live performance is unreal. If you’ve never seen Slipknot live, you’re not doing it right!
Well, that’s my dream tour, thank you to Digital Tour Bus for featuring us and giving us this fun, awesome question! Take care and stay safe.

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