Join us as CALLISTO tells us about their dream tour lineups.


In this Dream Tour segment, the alternative rock band, CALLISTO, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineups. You can check out their picks below:

One artist whom I respect and admire in many facets is Devendra Banhart. His last few releases have been totally sonically engaging and original, and whimsical in a way that feels authentic to the way life actually tends to be most of the time, or at least should be. Aside from the music, he puts himself out there in his performance approach, and in his visual art as a sort of human litmus test. A joker and a poet. Frankly, I think a big part of maturing as an artist is the realization that there's nothing more badass than putting your entire honest self on display to potentially get torn to pieces by the masses. So I'm giving him the first nod.

Devendra also turned me on to Richard Hell's punk life autobiography, I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp, so maybe we'd hit up the old CBGB together after his set and catch Hell playing with Television, or even Bad Brains? I feel like that would be a great hang.

Now I want to time travel to my childhood - it's the mid-90's in a smoky underground London jazz club. D'Angelo and Erykah Badu are jamming a stripped down set of originals and soul covers from across the years. I find myself revisiting their live albums from that era pretty regularly. So in some ways I feel like this is already actually more of a memory of something that occurred than a far-off dream. Like the familiar fragrance of an old flame.

Green Day and Foo Fighters would be a great show.

My dream concert would be either SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn) with Double Trouble or the original Sublime trio on a good night...when they weren't too wasted to play.

This answer would probably change every 2 weeks, or 2 minutes for me. Currently, Wu-Tang with ODB, The Replacements, Silverchair (Freak Show/Neon Ballroom era) and Faith No More (Angel Dust era). Being a part of that tour and playing the songs on our upcoming release just feels right. I think that lineup balances high energy, strangeness and a punk edge that speaks to what we are all about. Plus, all of these guys are musical heroes and outcasts in a sense. I think they all resisted being boxed into any clique, trend or genre rules and also reinvented when they felt like it. That's where our heads are at with this project too.

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