Calling All Captains - TOUR TIPS

Join us as Calling All Captains shares their tips for being on tour.

Calling All Captains - TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the pop punk/post-hardcore band, Calling All Captains, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips below:

1. Get your sleep.

Sleep is such an important factor in vocal health. It cannot be overlooked. If you’re tired, then your voice is tired and can make for a difficult live show. It’s especially important when you are driving on tour. You’re responsible for multiple people's lives, and getting sleepy behind the wheel is not an option.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

There is no secret to sounding better other than practice. We’re lucky enough to have the time to practice 3 times a week and squeeze in some writing days on top of that. Your favourite artists practice all the time, every day. There is no day where your craft isn’t your focus. As long as you can maintain a discipline of practicing and learning, you WILL get better.

3. Learn from bigger artists.

We have had the opportunity to open up for some huge acts in our careers. Every single time, we always take note of how they conduct themselves, and how they warm up, how their crew operates etc.. Some artists do nothing but warm up for 2 or 3 hours before their set. I’ve learned a few tricks to keep a stricter vocal regimen and help maintain my voice on the road.

4. Lock and secure everything.

To help prevent any theft of your expensive equipment, always be aware of where your vehicle is parked. We tend to opt for truck stops with cameras facing the parking lot or bringing our equipment straight into hotels/airbnbs. The best thing is to find a wall or garage that you can back the trailer right up to your trailer so it can’t be broken into. Good locks are a good investment!

5. Have fun and be there for each other.

Touring can be long and hard. You have to be able to truly have fun with your bandmates. It can be business when it’s time, but cracking jokes and laughing everyday is what will get you through it. Being in a band is like having a second family. There have been days where you could almost see the dark clouds over my head. But the fellas are always there to cheer me up (Brad gives the best hugs). The fellas know it goes both ways too. I feel like we can do anything with the team that we have, and I’m so excited to see where the future takes us.

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