Bvmmer & Samurai Del – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the musicians, Bvmmer & Samurai Del, reveal who they would want on their ultimate tour lineups.

Bvmmer & Samurai Del

In this Dream Tour segment, the musicians, Bvmmer & Samurai Del, reveal who they would want on their ultimate tour lineups. You can check out their picks, after the break.

To be honest, I think about my dream tour ALL THE TIME but it’s never just one dream tour, I’ve got hundreds of dream tours, thousands maybe. My favorite musicians vary with the weather forecast. I’ve been on a lot of Isaiah Rashad, Jean Dawson, Dijon, and Paris Texas lately but last week I went four straight days listening to nothing but Slipknot. Last month I spent a week shuffling through playlists of 50s love songs and at work, I listen to nothing but 80s darkwave. Not to be all “iM sO CuLtUrEd” or anything, I just mean to say that it’s hard for me to pick a genre or an era let alone specific artists so my dream tour is gonna be big and ridiculous because y’all said “no limits”.
– Rob Zombie: Because for some reason I’ve been telling people he’s my dad for most of my life so it would be sick to hang out with pops every night.
– Father: because he was my top artist on Spotify in 2020 and 2021 and that’s gotta mean somethin. Maybe it’s more daddy issues tho.
Gorrilaz: who wouldn’t wanna open for a stage full of cartoons?
– Every Time I Die: Killer live show. Maybe they shouldn’t be on this tour though because I feel like I might blow out my voice every night singing along which is not conducive to performing.
– Ariana Grande: again, might blow out my voice but I think it’d be worth it.
– Mac Miller: I don’t think I have to explain this one much, dude was a genius and I would have loved to meet him and see him play every night.
– Vince Staples: whole discography has like little to no skips.
Shania Twain: “let’s go girls”
– Prince: I feel like if I was around him long enough I could like absorb some of his power maybe.
– Jean Dawson: genre-defying, innovative powerhouse of a musician. Plus he’s got cool hair. I want to be his friend, and I bet his live show is nuts.
– Uhh and let’s tie it all together with
PRIMUS: because it’s on my bucket list to get my teeth knocked out in a pit after les claypool says “GO” in jerry was a race car driver.”
Samurai Del
I also have a very eclectic taste in music which spans Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, House, Electronic and so many other genres. This was tough for me but I had to go with artists that were a part of me becoming a musician in the first place. If I could have anyone on tour with me I would have to start with Wu-Tang Clan. This was the group that inspired me to start rapping which then led to me producing. These guys are an integral part of why I started making music and introduced to me artists like Gang Starr, Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, and more. They have an incredible discography and have all made classics as solo artists.
The second would have to be Daft Punk, these two have been a major inspiration to the electronic and house side of my production. Not only have they been pioneers in the house world, but they have also made classics as well as done movie score production which has been a bucket list item for me for a long time.
The third would have to be Mac Miller. I know he’s on Bvmmer’s list as well but I had to add him to my list. The first time I heard Mac Miller I was hooked, it was that 2010 backpack era of rap that showed me these guys were a little older than me but they were doing this shit independently which fascinated me and led me to look into making music at home as well. Without Mac Miller, there would be no Samurai Del.
Lastly would be Pink Floyd, these guys need no introduction. I remember the first time I heard Speak to Me/Breathe… After that every time I was stoned I would throw that song on with headphones and feel like I was literally flying. They inspired me heavily when I first started playing guitar and just like Wu-Tang, they led me to discover a lot of other great artists from their era.

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