Join us as Bryce Fox tells you about what he does before taking the stage.

(photo credit: Rachel Dwyer)

In this Preshow Rituals segment, the alternative artist, Bryce Fox, reveals what he does before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

Pre-show rituals are my thing. I will say I’ve come a long way from the “fuck it, let’s get drunk as shit” ritual of my degenerate past. My current rituals are much more responsible and geared towards my throat and gut health, as well as my psyche. I know it comes off strange to my bandmates, but I could care less.

The day before show days I drink as much water as I can remember to drink. This helps my throat stay hydrated on show days. Especially when there’s driving or flight travel involved. I like to mix my water up with Liquid IV, or a Celsius mix-in. I try to avoid dairy, especially after lunch cause I don’t need that rocking my sinuses or gunking up my throat.

On show days I drink flat coke, like a couple. I feel like it coats/soothes my throat… kinda like greasing a bicycle chain (or not at all). I learned that one from Katy Perry. I avoid coffee (makes me jittery), smoking (makes me paranoid), and alcohol (makes me a drunk idiot/dries my throat out).  I also continue avoiding dairy. And I avoid drinking too much water… too much makes me feel bloated.  I regularly intermittent fast, so I try to avoid any meals before 1-2pm. I also think limiting your speaking goes a long way to ensure maximum throat goat potential.

Pre-show I like to get the blood flowing, so I’ll do some push-ups and get a good stretch in. I’m also a man of god so I’ll get a prayer in. My biggest fear is he strikes me down mid-set- that would be a bummer. I’ve also been doing the same warm-up from this British YouTube vocal coach guy for the past several years. It’s only about 13-15 minutes, but he gets me right. Once my band goes out on stage I like to go full psycho mode. I rapidly pace around the green room, talking and pumping myself up, jumping around… then exactly one minute before my set start time I walk out to the stage, because being late fucks my head up.

That’s the gist! Sometimes I’ll try some new things out when I’m bouncing off ritual strategies with fellow artists. But this seems to be the most reliable and consistent pre-show ritual that I’ve stuck to.

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