Brooke Williams – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Brooke Williams, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.

Brooke Williams

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop artist, Brooke Williams, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

My dream tour lineup would be myself, LP, 070 Shake, Post Malone, The Weeknd, and Dolly Parton. All of these artists have influenced me so much in the past and lately. There’s something so special about each of these artists and writers. They each have their own melody language that just works for their voice and message. LP’s voice is insane. It’s so strong and she can sing so high. It just hits you right in the gut when you hear her sing. Not to mention her whistle…I love love love to whistle and I thought I was pretty decent until I went to see LP live at the Troubadour. I always cry or hold back tears when I see live music (lol) and hearing her whistle had me in awe. Tears def made their way out. So amazing.
070 Shake is just such a cool artist. Her voice is so different and I’m obsessed with her vibe. I really love to write melodies and feelings that make you just feel like “ahhhhhh” (i don’t know if that makes sense)…but melodies that just somehow make you feel good and free. 070 has this way of doing that in such a badass way. I also love that she doesn’t always stick to one cohesive sound sonically. She does what she wants and experiments. I’m just such a fan of her.
Post Malone is just…Post Malone haha His music is such a cool blend of genres and you can relate so hard to the lyrics. My music is mostly in the dark/pop realm but I really love writing more folky vibes as well, which is one of the reasons I love Post. He also just seems like someone you’d want to chill with so I feel like we’d play beer pong or something on the road and it’d be dope lol.
The Weeknd would be so sick to be on tour with because A. He’s also one of the biggest artists in the world right now but B. I love how he’s created such an artistic world around his project. He keeps this super cool mystique. I feel like seeing him at a show would really bring you into his world even more. I also really admire that he seems to stay true to his art. He makes hits but he also has those songs that are just straight vibes and I love that.
Last but 100% never least is the legend herself, Dolly Parton. Who doesn’t love Dolly? She just has such a way with words and with her voice. She’s so unique as a person and is also such an incredible musician and just owns her womanhood with this cool, easy confidence. I feel like I could learn so much from observing her on a tour. The way she speaks in interviews; always having a smart, cute, witty answer to everything is something I really admire. To have the opportunity to experience a tour with her would be so incredible and would be an actual dream come true.
Thank you so much for having me and letting me share my dream tour with you!! Can’t wait for this lineup!! hehe
Brooke <3

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