Join us as Breed tells you one of their crazy stories from touring.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the metal band, Breed, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

Any band or musician who has ever hit the road will tell you that touring is a constant state of ups and downs. From the ultimate highs to the ultimate lows and everything in between (it’s awesome), our band Breed knows this all too well. In one instance about a year ago (2022) we flew home to Orlando after a killer gig at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, we had to load up our gear and jump straight onto the road to get to Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky. We booked it up to the festival in one whole day (about a 14 hour drive) . We got there on a Thursday night, checked into the hotel and all knocked out. We had the Friday off as we were playing Saturday afternoon and decided to go enjoy a day at the festival. Our manager Marshal gave us just two rules, DON'T GET HAMMERED and DON'T GO TOO HARD AT THE SLIPKNOT SHOW.

Of course, the first thing we do is hit the bar and get absolutely ripped. Matt (guitar) and Tito (drums) end up front row on the barricade for Slipknot while the rest of the band is raging in the mosh pits. We’re dodging stage divers, fighting for our lives in the pits and having the best drunken night watching one of our favorite bands of all time. We finally end up back at the hotel at some ridiculous time. Inevitably the morning comes around, our soundcheck is at like 11:00am so our manager is running around trying to wake us all up, trying to pull up the directions to get to sound check, he’s making sure we all get changed and get the gear packed up. We make it to soundcheck and with the power of water, Liquid IV, and a bottle of honey whiskey, take the stage and absolutely destroy it. We had a great set, the minute that first note rang out over the massive festival speakers none of us were hungover any longer.

We finished up the show and got taken to the artist lounge which we had no idea existed as this was our first big festival show. We’re walking around and it’s a who’s who of some of our biggest idols and inspirations, really cool. We then get told that it’s an open bar and to help ourselves, which of course, we do. We start hitting the vodka Red Bulls pretty hard (tipping our bartenders of course) and we’re talking to all kinds of cool people, doing some interviews, and just hanging around with other bands. A few hours in, our singer (J) is nowhere to be found, we just assume he went back into the festival to check out some more bands. Sure enough about two hours later J appears at one of the tables and we’re all like “dude where the hell have you been”. He responds “man I was just over on that comfy couch taking a nap” he points to the freakin’ SiriusXM interview couch where they’re interviewing massive bands. We are laughing our asses off, the couch has this nice backdrop with the XM logo and it’s all set up for interview content, hilarious.

As the night goes on and the drinks keep flowing the bartender informs us that all the vodka is gone, which I’m sure we had a pretty big hand in. We switch to tequila (because of course) and just continue to have an amazing night ending it with an unbelievable set by Kiss.

Drinking aside, it was a weekend and experience that we will never forget (surprisingly) and we will always cherish that show and all the chaos surrounding it. This concludes the story of our first Louder Than Life experience.

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