In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, Diva Satanica, from the extreme metal band, Bloodhunter, shares one of her stories from being on the road.


In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, Diva Satanica, from the extreme metal band, Bloodhunter, shares one of her stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

Many years ago, during the release of our first album in 2014, we started to play some live shows close to our hometown in A Coruña and some of them in Portugal too. One day we received an offer to play at Barcelona (which is a big city where the metal scene is huge compared to our hometown) and we were very excited because that would be our first time playing there and we even prepared a different setlist with exclusive songs from our upcoming album.
Everything was great, the promoter was waiting for us at the venue and he seemed to be a very nice guy. First of all, he asked if we wanted to go to a restaurant to eat something and that sounded very good to us but then he was talking all the time and we ended up paying for the meal by ourselves. Not bad at all, he was apologizing like “don’t worry, I will pay that later to you” and all was fine.
We arrived at the venue and nobody was there, only the other band that was going to play with us that day. We started setting up and we needed a key for the elevator to get all the stuff to the first floor of the building, so the promoter appeared with the key and some minutes later he was panicking because he lost it. That meant that he needed to find someone to open the elevator and that could cost over 100€. Another bad sign.
The show was about to start and nobody showed up, we asked about the promotion if there was any other show in the city and the promoter answered that everybody would come to attend our show, arguing that it was too early but there was literally nobody there. We asked for our fee to go after the show and have some dinner but at that time he was completely drunk, so he tried to pay us using this fake money from this game called Monopoly. Jokes aside, we had to fight for our fee and finally we reached an agreement.
We played for maybe 3 people, apart from the guys of the other band. And when we asked where our hotel was (because otherwise we would have to drive for more than 6 hours), he started to look like there was not any booking reservation… At that point a big storm was coming, including thunder and lightning, and of course tons of snow so we had no place to stay and nowhere to go because we couldn’t drive.
We tried to find a hostel but everything was closed because it was very late, so we decided to leave the city and police stopped us at some point because it was forbidden to drive with those weather conditions. We stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and tried to get some sleep but it was freezing cold, so Dani, our guitar player and driver also for that day decided to drive to the south of Spain for 5 hours while we were sleeping, and then driving back to Madrid for another 4 hours so our drummer could make it on time to work the following morning. We woke up in Valencia in our way to Madrid, and finally we made it safe and for sure it’s gonna be one hell of a trip that we will never forget…

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