In this Dream Tour segment, the power pop artist, Bjoern, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the power pop artist, Bjoern, reveals who she would want on her ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

“I love people and I love to connect with people”
It’s funny how the artists I’ve listened to when I grew up almost feels like family members. I’ve shared so many experiences with them and their music that their songs are the catalysts to remembering my past.
I talked to my brother about how different periods of our life’s highlights different artists. But there’s only one band that has followed me through my whole life since I first started to really listen and think about what music really did to me. Coldplay has a special place in my heart.
It’s something about that band and their melodies and lyrics that feel so timeless. Their melodies somehow feel obvious and that feeling makes their music hit that special place, the soul maybe? Time sort of stops listening to their songs.
To tour with Coldplay and talk about life with Chris, Will, Jonny and Guy would be amazing. They have a way with words that not many other people can master. They seem like really kind-hearted and humble guy’s with their hearts and minds in the right places.
When I make music I sometimes get a feeling that “Hey, this song would Chris Martin like” or ”this melody would Susanne Sundfør approve”. It’s a funny way to take a step back and become a critic of your own music. Overall I don’t really know what my inspiration in choice of sounds and melodies are coming from. I guess it’s a great mix of all of the music I’ve ever listened to. Because of that, I think that creativity is the most beautiful thing we people can spend time with. When we create we invite people to get to know us a little bit better. It’s the language of our soul and the way for ourselves to get to know who we truly are.
I remember when I was in high school, life felt like shit when all of the hormones were waking up in my little body. I think everyone becomes superheroes after puberty. It’s also the time music becomes important on another level. Instead of feeling everything at the same time, like I sometimes did during this period in my life, I could focus on one feeling listening to my favorite song. I remember how I could take long walks with Chris Martin singing through my headphones. I was blown away by Coldplay’s song ”Life in Technicolor”, how it made me disappear from this universe for a while and into my own space. In this period I also was a big fan of Matt Corby and Bon Iver. I think the link between them is their deep calming voices. I dreamt about having a voice just like they had. To be able to sing with my soul like they seemed to do. Matt Corby’s song ”Brother” was my go-to ”sing with my soul” anthem. I loved to sing that one so so so much. I also cried so much to Bon Iver when I was stressed out by school, skiing and life in general…
When I think about this, how songs become feelings, how feelings become actions, and how my actions define my values as a person… I realize that the music I listen to has such great power over me. But with that said it’s not only that has the power “over” me, but it also has the power to really open up my heart and let feelings I didn’t even know I had, come out. I guess that means it has the power to let me know myself better and that it’s in symbiosis with me. After all, everything is just frequencies and that’s amazing. If I can help people to introduce themselves to who they truly are, I can die happy.
Besides Coldplay, the artists who made me realize that music is limitless was Robyn, Röyksopp, Susanne Sundfør, Grimes and now Billie Eilish. All of these people are making so experimental music sound amazing. They have opened a new sense for sounds and sound design and the more I learn production, the more I realize how boundless sound-making is. If I hear it in my head, I can make it happen in reality if I have the right skills.
I’m still on the journey to perfect those skills but I love every step of it. To become a producer is also so advantageous when writing together with other songwriters and producers. I can explain my vision on a deeper level to make the creative process more fluent.
I love to collaborate with others and to share the experience and intimacy of pouring out our souls into a song together. It’s a beautiful experience and I’ve met so many friends doing this.
To tour with other people will be the best thing ever. To share that rush I get from seeing all of the listeners live reactions to what I’ve made… wow! A shared experience is for sure a better one. To be able to talk to someone about what I’ve just experienced is everything. I love people and I love to connect with people.
It’s so hard to choose my dream line-up but if I have to chose I would love to play with my all-time favorites Coldplay. It would be incredible to be a part of their team and be invited into their world of music. I think their presence on stage would be so good for me. Their stage experience would definitely be reassuring to me. In some way, it feels like they are my teachers in this business. They seem to be so grounded and unaffected by all the publicity and pressure they are experiencing as the great artists they are. I really respect that and admire the energy they send out to their fans. I can only hope that I can give my audience the same warm feeling as Coldplay has given to me.

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