Ben Wylen – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop artist, Ben Wylen, reveals who he would want on his ultimate tour lineup.

Ben Wylen

In this Dream Tour segment, the indie pop artist, Ben Wylen, reveals who he would want on his ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

The idea of going on tour with any of my heroes is a dream on par with that of a mountain climber reaching the summit of Mount Everest! Touring, in general, is one of those things in life that so few people get to experience. It is insanely special, exciting, and energy inducing when you are not touring with your greatest influences. I cannot imagine how much more incredible it would be to do that same thing alongside the Coldplay’s, Michael Kiwanuka’s, and The Rolling Stones of the world!
While I love all of the artists that I just mentioned, I think the artist I would love to tour with most is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! I could write all day about their greatness and the perks of touring with them but for everyone’s sake I will zero in on a few special attributes that make them my ideal touring buddies.
First, I am not sure there is any artist in the world who has the performing capability of the Boss! He has the stage presence and sex appeal of Elvis Presley but has the songwriting chops more in line with the Bob Dylan’s and Neil Young’s of the world. It is an insanely rare combo and one that is deadly on stage! Throughout my life in bands and as a solo artist I have always been a frontman of sorts. Why not learn from the best frontman of all times!
Second, I read Springsteen’s biography. The guy can tell a story seemingly better than anyone. I think after a great show in someplace far from home — Let’s say Cincinnati — I’d like to sit down and hear some tales as old as time from Bruce over some scotch (Preferable Johnny Walker Blue Label). Maybe then he’ll finally divulge where he got his powers!
Lastly, let’s talk briefly about the E Street Band. They are a well-oiled machine. I would relish the chance to hear and watch them communicate with each other every night through their music. They have this magical power to go from floor shaking, earth-shattering sound to bedroom level intimacy in a second. They are a band second to none and they have an energy that is palpable.
I was asked to pick an artist who I dreamed of touring with. I was not, however, given the choice of picking an era in which to tour with them. But, I felt it important to mention that if I could go back in time I would have liked to open for Bruce on the Born To Run Tour of 1975. I’ve seen the videos…It’s incendiary…quite frankly that doesn’t even cover it! Bruce, you are a dirty dog! See you on the road you old stallion you!

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