Below the Neck - DREAM TOUR

Join us as Below the Neck reveals who they would want on their dream tour.

Below the Neck - DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the metalcore band, Below the Neck, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks below:

Howdy folks - we are Below the Neck, a Metalcore band from The Highlands of Scotland and we thought long and hard about what would make our Dream Tour. We pulled together what are some of our all timers that would also be the ultimate show to go to for us.

It’s hard to put a tour together between our varied interests, but the lineup would probably look like this:

Slipknot:  Every single string riff we have ever written is because of Conor (our guitarist’s) obsession with the 9, and formative part of most of our heavy music taste.  Easily one of the top 5 most legendary live bands in heavy music too and have been since they really kicked off.

Counterparts: Without a doubt Counterparts are “our” favourite band.  We have a bunch of demo tracks called CPdemox etc., and that’s all down to how much the sound of Counterparts influences us, every facet of what Counterparts do is something we just love - the melding between melody and ass beating heaviness.  Plus “Thieves”. That’s all you need to say.

Knocked Loose: It was seeing each other share stuff like Knocked Loose on socials, and seeing each other wearing KL merch that sparked the conversations that started BTN.  KL are a band that have managed to continually get better and get bigger, without selling out or diluting their sound.  Seeing them go from opening small cap tours in the UK to headlining Outbreak last year was fucking incredible.  Plus, the guys in KL just seem like the coolest and really into the scene and being a part of it.

Every Time I Die: RIP ETID - This band transformed over the years and never lost it.  Icons in the hardcore and metalcore industry, a lot of my best memories from live shows are at ETID shows, and usually involve being crushed by surfers to Floater.  I’ve had multiple dreams where we opened for ETID, it was always a bucket list item for me personally.

Below The Neck: Of course there’s zero chance we wouldn’t be opening this run - this is exactly the sort of bill we would fit on perfectly.  Not like a crowd would need a kick up the ass for this show, but as soon as we were done and off stage, we’d all be in the crowd all night for every date too.

Each one of these bands hold a special place within our hearts, and for some of us, it’s where our musical journey began.  We draw heavily from each artist, and without them, we simply would not be a band. The common thread running through the bands on the lineup is their live shows are/were captivating, energetic and insanely fun chaos - which is what we always aim for every night… we always absolutely lose our shit when we’re playing.

We’ve got a busy year planned with a bunch of shows around the U.K, and our second EP ‘An Imminent End’ releasing Friday 16th of June on all streaming platforms and the EP is also available to buy at our Bandcamp page.  Make sure and check us out and give An Imminent End a good rinsing! Peace and love, Finnbar x

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