Join us as Bathe Alone shares some of their crazy stories from touring.

(photo credit: Paula Harding)

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the dream pop act, Bathe Alone, shares some of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story below:

Once I was playing a festival, and I was sneaking some beers out for my friends from the artists tent. When I was leaving the tent, I had so many beers in my Fanny pack and pockets and in my arms, it was ridiculous, I looked like Billie with all her Grammys. As I was sneaking out, I saw one of my favorite artists ever, right in front of me. I wanted to meet them! But I looked down and thought “not today!” So I just wandered off to meet my friends, and never got the chance to say hi. Oh also, one time I got married and went on tour then came back and my husband had a new girlfriend.

I’ve got several from many years ago… One that comes to mind is touring pre-iPhone or GPS… Our whole tour was neatly organized via Mapquest and then directions were printed out and in folders in the van. One day, driving through New Mexico, someone had the windows down and despite several warnings about the directions going out the window, a strong side wind hit us and it actually happened. Probably 100 sheets of paper flew out the window and it took us probably 3 hours to put it all back together and figure out where we were going. We missed our show in Albuquerque that night. One other crazy story… My band was on tour in San Francisco, and we were hauling a trailer for our gear. It was the first trailer that I got really good at driving with, and I got way too confident and tried to take the trailer up Lombard Street, which is this famous mega windy road. I made it two or three turns going up hill, then got the trailer stuck on a curb and caught on some huge piece of metal… I completely blocked traffic, cops came, and I almost got arrested over it. We had to unload all of our gear and lift the trailer off of what it was stuck on, and the whole time people had to go in reverse back up the hill to get off the street. I felt like such an ass, and I’m super thankful I didn’t get into more trouble over it. To be young!

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