Bad Luck – 3rd ROAD BLOG from the “Cold Bones Record Release Tour”

We’ve teamed up with the rock band, Bad Luck, to do an exclusive tour blog for us during their current “Cold Bones Record Release Tour.” The band really lives up to their name. Stayed tuned for future blogs to see…

Bad Luck – 3rd ROAD BLOG from the “Cold Bones Record Release Tour”

We’ve teamed up with the rock band, Bad Luck, to do an exclusive tour blog for us during their current “Cold Bones Record Release Tour.” The band really lives up to their name. Stayed tuned for future blogs to see if band’s luck turns around. You can check out the third entry, with photos, after the break.

So after hanging out in Monroe for a day, we started heading to Upton, MA, to play a VFW hall there. I also failed to mention in the last “diary”, that we met up with the band that was doing a small leg of our tour, “American Verse”, in Brooklyn, and they were awesome. Just throwing that out there. Anyways, we were almost to Upton when the friend that we stayed with in Monroe called us and let us know that Evan left his suitcase in his kitchen. It was definitely kind of funny because Evan forgets everything always, but it was also/mainly shitty because we still had a little under 2 weeks left of tour and that suitcase had ALL of his “stuff”. So that sucked (but is still a little bit funny). Anyways, there were about 20 kids at the VFW in Upton and although they all watched us and we played well, I don’t think they could’ve given any less of a shit than they did. But we still had fun and it was the singer of American Verse’s birthday, so we drank and hung out at his house after. The next day, we were playing a house in Brighton, MA, called the “Olmec House” and it was actually the last house show they were having there, so a really good amount of kids came out. I think it was somewhere between 80-100 people and 2 dudes who I’ve never seen before knew every word and sang along the whole set. So other than having to load/unload Joe’s stupidly big bass cab in and out of a basement, it was fucking awesome. We realized it was going to be a 6 hour drive to Buffalo, and we had a day off/had never been there, so after the show we took off.

We headed towards Buffalo around 1 AM and got to our friend’s house around 7 or 8 AM. We all ended up only sleeping a couple of hours and then the friend we were staying with gave us a very detailed tour of Buffalo, which was seriously awesome. After seeing most of the actual city, we went and saw Niagra Falls (where they let us park for free). It was absolutely incredible and the next time we’re around, we’re definitely gonna do the whole “boat thing”. I think it’s called “The Maid Of The Mist” but I’m not positive and I don’t want to google that. Either way, we’re doing that shit. That night we ate wings, watched pre-season football, watched baseball, AND watched wrestling. Despite how mundane that sounds, we were all really happy to just sit around after walking all over that day. The next day, Jake got the 3rd best chicken wings he’s ever had and we played Broadway Joe’s in Buffalo. There was a pretty alright turnout (probably about 30 people) featuring more kids we didn’t know, singing our words. It was really cool and after the show, there was terrible open mic “comedy” and 35 cent wings. We stayed for the wings. The next morning, we woke up around 10:30/11, and started heading towards Ohio. We were able to get into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for free and it was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done on tour and in general. That night, we were playing the Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood, OH. Since Lakewood is right outside Cleveland, and our label mainly operates in Cleveland, a good amount of people from Tragic Hero came and saw us play, which was pretty cool. Also, the venue had $1 tacos and they were incredibly good. But the best thing about the night (and I’d say the best part of the tour so far), was this group of friends who drove about 6 hours or so from Chicago to come see us play to not many people aside from themselves and they knew every word and were just awesome kids. After our set, I played a couple of acoustic songs in the parking lot for them and they sang along just as much then. It was seriously incredible and something I’ll never forget. When we woke up the next day, we briefly went and saw one of our favorite human beings on this earth, Jim Wirt. We recorded our album with him and Brett Romnes earlier this year at his studio in Cleveland, and really “clicked” with him musically and as a guy. So it was fantastic getting to see him and we all can’t wait to see and work with him again. After we saw Jim, we packed in the van and endured the shittiest drive of the whole tour to Nashville, TN. It was supposed to take about 8 hours but with traffic it took almost 10. Joe drove the whole time and smoked more cigarettes than I’ve probably smoked in my whole life. We finally got to Nashville around 11 PM, watched the Mummy Returns with our good friends, and drank beer. The next morning, we woke up and jumped off of these cliffs that we go to every time we’re in Nashville. This particular time, Joe and I found an even higher cliff to jump off of that we hadn’t done before and it was fucking horrifying but seriously awesome. That night we played a house show at “Exponent Manor” and we realized as we pulled up that we had slept at the house last year when we were on but had never played there and couldn’t recall who even let us stay there. It was strange in a funny way, and even though there weren’t that many people (because apparently there were other house shows going that same night), we had an awesome time and I thought we played really well. Afterwards, this guy named PJ from one of the other bands took pictures of us, which was cool, and then we came back to our friends’ house and got caught up on wrestling.

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