Join us as Assault tells you about what they do before taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the metal band, Assault, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

The hours leading up to any performance are arguably more important than the performance itself. If you aren't feeling your best or the vibes are off in any way, you're limiting the amount of energy you can put out on stage. Nobody in the band necessarily has any crazy superstitions that we rely on, but I do follow a routine in the time leading up to make sure that everything is in order to reduce stress and ensure I'm in the best shape I can be to deliver appropriately.

A good night of sleep is a must. I like to eat light, nutritious meals the day before and on the day of the show to make sure I'm not bloated or weighed down when the time comes to rage. I take time to make sure that the band's merch and equipment are in order to make it easier when load-in comes, so I don't have to worry about running around like a chicken with its head cut off. T-minus an hour to showtime, we usually start drinking to make sure everything's loose and light. You'll often find us in the green room warming up to sped-up Metallica tracks, pushing the limits on how fast we can play to make sure nobody's cramping up on stage.

I like to practice what I call "shreditation" for about 15 minutes right before our set. It's the same thing as meditation with an emphasis on letting go of any performance expectations and putting on the best show I can, no matter my personal circumstances. I focus on stretching and releasing tension in the muscles that I need to play guitar, scream, and headbang, as well as doing some breath work to get my nerves under control and my blood flowing to all the right places. I've really liked using the Wim Hof method lately.

After that, all bets are off and the party commences. In the end, it’s all about creating the best vibe you can in order to play your best.

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