Join us as All To Get Her tell you about what they do to prepare for taking the stage.


In this Preshow Rituals segment, the pop punk band, All To Get Her, reveals what they do before taking the stage. You can check out the rituals below:

A concert day with us is like a roller coaster ride that starts in our band room. Here, we huddle together, staring at each other, wondering, "Why do we put ourselves through this?" This question always arises when the harsh truth hits us – our equipment must be maneuvered through an obstacle course of narrow corridors and stairs to the bus. But as soon as everything finds its place in the bus, the crackling hiss of the first beer marks the start of the show day.

On the bus, the full blast of party mood kicks in, and we have to hold back so as not to completely burn out our vocal cords right then and there. After the soundcheck is ticked off, the long backstage chillout session begins, filled with deep and sophisticated conversations with people we meet, during which the beers always seem to empty so damn quickly.

At some point, we always realize that we still have a job to do, so everyone starts their own preparation routine. Andy can be heard in some side room with his vocal exercises, which sound really weird. Edi devours the entire kitchen and then usually falls asleep on some sofa until 10 minutes before the show. Silly has already changed his outfit about 5 times and ends up wearing the same thing as at every show anyway. And Tom? He's still stuck with beer and cigarettes.

Just before the performance, the mental preparation actually kicks in, where we go through everything again and start to take it all pretty seriously. We exchange high fives and hugs, swear eternal band brotherhood to each other, and tell each other that we're the coolest. Over motivated and totally hyped, we just want to storm the stage and go wild until we faint. THAT is the moment we work towards all day and indeed all year! This is how a typical concert day begins and ends for us – well it actually ends with the equipment having to go back through the course at some point during the night... but that would then be part of the post-show routine:-)

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