In this Dream Tour segment, the punk band, AGAPANTHER, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup.


In this Dream Tour segment, the punk band, AGAPANTHER, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

Over the past two to three years AGAPANTHER has been focusing heavily on creating a solid foundation in our local music scene (Adelaide) and haven’t been able to tour yet other than one very successful show earlier in the year with Better Half and Reside. We’re more than ready to start hitting the road and venturing out to other states though, so our short-term goal would be to head around Australia with some great artists, with an obvious long-term goal of heading overseas someday. When we started the band we really weren’t sure what the future held or whether we’d be at the stage we’re at now, but the way it’s heading we have every intention of breaking out of Adelaide soon.
Kyle Kenworthy – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
For me, my ideal band to tour with would be Drug Church (US). They’re one of my favourite finds over the last few years, stumbling across them just after the release of their 2018 album ‘Cheer,’ and they were the driving inspiration for our latest release ‘Pseudo.’ With their high energy punk attitude, incredible guitar tones and modest lyricism/vocals, I was instantly hooked. I’ve watched some of their live sets and they possess killer energy which shows in their crowds too, plus I was stripped of the opportunity to see them live due to the pandemic when they were meant to support Luca Brasi on tour – I was devastated, to say the least. I always make a note of the similarities between our lead guitarist Coen and their guitarist Nick Cogan – similar dress sense and haircuts, both have played on Jazz Masters and Strats, heck, they even look pretty similar, so I think if we were to tour with them it would be fun to get them to swap bands for a show.
Coen Miller – Lead Guitar
Boston Manor would be my choice for a dream tour. They’ve been my fav band since their debut record, and it’s not every day that you find an artist you love enough to justify driving nine hours interstate to see their twenty-minute set at Good Things in forty-degree heat – I still wholeheartedly stand by that decision. What really draws me into Boston Manor is their sick guitar tones, awesome production, and a great balanced mixture of newer and older influences, especially in their record ‘Glue’ and their new single ‘Carbon Mono.’ I just feel like we’d get along really well with the members too and sound-wise, it’d make sense to share a bill with them.
Dylan Kenworthy – Bass Guitar
My choice would be Turnstile. In our family between Kyle, Dad, and myself we do vinyl swaps each year for Christmas and in 2017 Kyle took a punt and bought me the ‘Non Stop Feeling’ record before I’d ever listened to Turnstile. As soon as I chucked it on and that riff in ‘Gravity’ kicked in, I knew they’d become one of my favourite bands. Since then I’ve gotten to see them play live twice here in Adelaide and both times were mental, the crowd participation is always high with a perfect blend between straight-up good vibes and the sort of moshing you’d expect from hardcore and punk shows. They are also just so damn stylish and creative, between Franz doing some of the biggest punk jumps I’ve ever seen and Brendan Yates disco dancing on stage, they’re not only musicians but incredible entertainers. I know that the guys in Turnstile love to skate too, and Kyle, Coen, and I ride bikes, so it would be sick to go for a shred with them on a day off whilst on tour and cruise around the streets.
Harry – Drums
This was a hard choice to narrow down to just one band, but I’m gonna go with Amyl & The Sniffers. They never fail to put out banger after banger and that’s evidently clear if you listen to their new album ‘Comfort To Me.’ Their shows are always crazy! I saw them play at Falls Festival a couple of years ago and they were really feeding off of the crowd’s energy. If you’ve seen us play before, you know we love to get around the post-gig beers with our friends and fans, and I reckon Amyl & The Sniffers would be pretty like-minded in that respect, which is always a good tour vibe to celebrate a killer show. Watching and reading some of their interviews too, it certainly seems like as a band they have a good combination of work and play, which is something we always try to focus on as well – at the end of the day, playing music should just be fun, and what’s not to enjoy about fulfilling your goals and dreams.
Hopefully, we can get touring soon, and it’d be even better if we ever get to do it with any of the bands mentioned above. Thanks, heaps for having us on Digital Tour Bus, and if you haven’t already, check out our latest release ‘A World Extended Past Yourself.’

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