In this First Concert Ever segment, the hip-hop artist, Adrien Lamont, talks about the story of his first experience with live music.

Adrien Lamont

In this First Concert Ever segment, the hip-hop artist, Adrien Lamont, talks about the story of his first experience with live music. You can check out the story, after the break.

The first real concert ever that I can remember vividly was a YG concert at the House of Blues Hollywood. My cousin somehow got tickets and invited me and some of my friends. I had never been to an actual real rap concert before so I had no idea what to expect.
A lot of my early youth years were spent in Pasadena, Ca which is a dominant blood gang city so YG, B BRAZY, GAME, and those alike were really all you heard in people’s 5.0 mustangs. At this time when I attended the concert, I already graduated high school and moved to La with my brother who was also familiar with gang culture.
Hopefully, you can understand why this particular concert was alluring to a young kid such as myself from the hood.
Anyways, I had never seen such a grand level of production value concert aside from the BET awards shows so it was a shock to me. My cousin had gotten a hold of VIP seats and again I have no idea how but we sat on the balcony above everyone we weren’t even in the crowd. I actually accidentally sat in YG’s mom’s seat and security asked me to move. That was just one of the crazy moments id begin to witness at this concert.
As the show progressed there had already been a couple of fights and chaos in the crowd but YG’s performance was flawless. The stage setup was an abandoned house with graffiti on it. The energy in the room was magnetic a bunch of young white kids screaming out “IM FROM BPT!” I couldn’t believe it. I Rember being so inspired like wow this dude came from where I came from as far as impoverished communities and gang culture but did this. It was like an eye opener for the possibilities of rap music.
After the concert, I was walking out to get the car from the valet and saw DJ MUSTARD waiting in his car. He had on this huge iced-out mustard can chain you could see from like 100 feet away. Coincidentally, I went to Dorsey Highschool with him. We never got to know each other because I enrolled in 12th-grade year, but there was a moment when we were on a school but headed to Disney Land for Grad night and he said ‘Aye, nice shoes” I had on these crazy low top Alife’s. Anyways, I thought id introduce myself so I walked over to shake his hand and before I could even finish my sentence a car pulled up super fast. Out came this aggressive black dude walking straight up to Mustard talking craaaazy. I don’t even remember what he said but it was getting heated. In a matter of milliseconds like 10 policemen and maybe security ran up with guns pointing at him. He tried to hop in the car as they yelled “GET ON THE F****** GROUND!”. He didn’t listen and they sent a few shots into the car. I don’t know if he got hit but the front window shattered and He hopped out with his hands up and said “alright alright you got me” or something like that.
I saw my car pulling up behind the scene from valet, I got the keys picked up the homies, and got out of there. I wasn’t afraid. Just in shock and surprised that happened at his concert as I’m sure it wasn’t a normal occurrence. Needless to say, I will never forget that night. The ending was messy but that wasn’t YG’s fault and I still see him as an amazing performer and would go to one of his shows any day.

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