A Special Night with Demi Lovato feat. We The Kings – REVIEW

Demi Lovato headling her own tour called “A Special Night with Demi Lovato” came to the Rosemont Theater in the Chicago area with supporting band, We The Kings. You can check out our review after the break!

A Special Night with Demi Lovato feat. We The Kings – REVIEW

Demi Lovato headling her own tour called “A Special Night with Demi Lovato” came to the Rosemont Theater in the Chicago area with supporting band, We The Kings. You can check out our review after the break!

It was a cold and rainy Saturday night in December, but that didn’t stop this concert from being packed with over 4000 fans at the Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL. This was the last date of Demi Lovato’s fall tour titled “A Special Night with Demi Lovato”, which also featured We The Kings.

After most of the attendees took their seats in the very modern looking theater, We The Kings kicked off the night with a 25ish minute long set. A lot of the #lovatics were already familiar with this pop/rock band from Bradenton, FL due to their 2010 single that featured Demi Lovato called “We’ll Be a Dream”. Not only did I dig their set, but as I could tell by the mass amount of screaming, most of the crowd seemed to get into it as well. The band played a combination of their singles from their three full-length albums.  The band opened their set with “Skyway Avenue”, which got the crowd warmed up. Not too much single along yet, but by the time they closed their set with “Check Yes Juliet” the crowd was almost singing louder than Travis. They also performed their new single, “Say You Like Me”, which just hit radio recently.

As some of you may know, pranks are pretty common while artists are on tour. This tour was no exception and to celebrate a very successful tour, Demi and her dancers, decided to pie every member of the band in the face during their set. Check out the video of the incident in the replies below. You can see them get pied around 8 minutes into the video. Thanks CTFxC, AKA Charles Trippy bassist of We The Kings, for continuing to do awesome daily vlogs, so we can see the madness that commences in your life on tour!

Keep reading to find out how We The Kings got Demi back during her set.

After a brief intermission, it was time for the person that everyone had been waiting for to take the stage, none other than Demi Lovato. She took the stage to the crowd chanting “Demi” at the top of their lounges. She came out in a black dress and opened her set with “All Night Long” featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland. All of Demi’s dancers had disco balls covering their heads while they danced their butts off across the stage. Once the song had come to a close, Demi took the next couple minutes to thank all of the fans who came out to the concert. “Dynamite” was up next. All of the dancers were equipped with jail cell looking props. They danced around Demi trapping her in a jail cell. The 3rd song of the night was “Hold Up”. Demi and one of her male dancers used some stage props used to look like a car to act out a scene of her being kidnapped throughout the song. The last song that Demi would do before a quick wardrobe change was a mash-up that started with “Get Back” and ended with “Don’t Forget”. This was the first song of the set that the crowd got to see a calmer Demi. She performed the song while sitting on a chair with an acoustic guitar, but ended the song just like the music video for “Don’t Forget” with a rocking out session and an electric guitar.

While Demi did a quick wardrobe change, her dancers filed the time showing off their dancing skills utilizing the bulk of the huge Rosemont Theatre stage. Demi took the stage once again, this time wearing an outfit very similar to the one she wore for the cover of her latest release, “Unbroken”. She kicked off the second set of songs with “Who’s That Boy” featuring Dev. As the song began, a huge “Club Demi” sign lit up at the top of the stage and for good reason, Demi and her dancers danced like there were in a club throughout the song.  The crowd and Demi were ready for another slow song and that is exactly what they got when she performed her next song, “My Love Is Like A Star”. As the song began, the crowd had to say bye bye to the “Club Demi” sign and say hello to an even bigger lit up heart sign. She kept the slow songs come when she followed up with “Fix A Heart”.  Once the song ended, the heart disappears while Demi performed another mash-up.  This one included Here We Go Again and La La Land, two songs that everyone in the audience could sing along to.

As the mash-up finished, Demi left the stage to put on her 3rd outfit, while her band finally got their time to shine. For a couple of minutes, each member of the band took turns performing solos. As Demi takes the stage once again, this time she was wearing a dress very similar to the one in the “Skyscraper” music video. The 10th song of her set was my personal favorite, “Lightweight”. During this song, you really got to appreciate just how great Demi’s voice actually is and proves all of those Disney haters wrong. The notes she hit in this song showed off her true talent and definitely proved why she is on stage, performing in front of thousands of people every night. I mentioned that her dress reminded me of the “Skyscraper” video and guess which song she performed next? Well, it was Skyscraper. This song quickly became the most emotional song of the night and she even had to wipe tears from her eyes after she finished.

Artists always perform cover songs, correct? Well, Demi didn’t disappoint when she covered “Moves Like Jagger”. Not a bad choice since she and the rest of her crew got to get back on their feet and pull out some sick dance moves. Also, Demi had a chance to show off her talent once again during Christina Aguilera part in the song. I think that if Christina could have been there, she would have been proud. Before her last wardrobe change, she performed “Together” featuring Jason Derulo.

Once the song finishes, the stage goes dark and immediately the crowd starts a “Demi” change once again. She came back out, this time with the same dress, but she put on a black jacket type top on. The 14th song of her set was “Unbroken” and all of her dancers utilized flashlights while doing their dance moves. This is FINALLY the point in the night where We The Kings got to prank Demi back, since they all got pied in the face during their set earlier in the night. Well, the first hint is that once of the dancers in all black looked a bit out of place and that was because it was Travis Clark of We The Kings. He made up dance moves and looked awkward for the length of the song. I think at one point he was doing jumping jacks. You could tell Demi noticed right away when she gave a little chuckle at the beginning of the song while trying the sing the lyrics to the song. She kept her composure and I would say that over 75% of the audience still had no clue that the prank took place.

To finish her set, she performed her 15th and final song “Remember December”. During the entire song, Demi was rolled around across the stage by her male dancers on a platform. She finished her set by thanking the audience and saying good night. Surprisingly enough, there was not an encore to her set. It was surprising since encores are almost expected at concerts these days.

I think Demi Lovato proved with this concert and the entire tour as a whole that she is in fact Unbroken. She will be around for years to come making catchy music, so get used to her.

Information about the review…
Tour: A Special Night with Demi Lovato feat We The Kings
Acts: Demi Lovato and We The Kings
Reviewer: Joshua Weidling
Date: December 4, 2011
Venue: Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL