In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the indie rock band, The 5:55, shares one of their stories from being on the road.

The 5:55

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the indie rock band, The 5:55, shares one of their stories from being on the road. You can check out the story, after the break.

We hate saying no to shows. So usually when asked to play, we find a way to make it work. One spring weekend when we were just getting started as a band, we learned that saying no to shows is probably best if we want to keep our sanity. Here’s a timeline of how that weekend went down…
Friday 6pm – One of us hosts a cookout as a pregame for our show that night.
Friday 8pm – More people show up to the pregame than expected and kegs are ordered.
Friday 11pm – Everyone is hammered drunk and we have to start packing up for the show.
Saturday 1am – We leave for our show. No one at the pregame tags along with us because they are blackout drunk.
Saturday 2am – We play a college festival that’s in the middle of a field with thousands of people watching.
Saturday 3:30am – We get home and the place is a mess. People are passed out everywhere, but we drink a little more and try to get some sleep.
Saturday 8am – We wake up and start packing for our performance at a tailgate for a college football game. People are sleeping on the floor so it’s a little difficult to pack things. But some wake up and help us carry stuff out to the trailer.
Saturday 9:30am – We show up to the tailgate and the whole field has turned to mud from a rainstorm the night before. It’s a little concerning but we mostly joke about the whole situation while setting everything up.
Saturday 10:30am – We start playing to thousands of drunk college kids in a giant mud pit.
Saturday 10:31am – Drunk college kids start throwing mud at each other.
Saturday 11am – Our sound guy starts getting angry because the PA system and other gear is now covered in mud. And I mean absolutely covered, and soaked. But we keep playing because there are so many people, these types of shows are too much fun, and we’re complete morons.
Saturday Noon – We finish our set and try to tear everything down while people fight each other in the mud and slip into our gear. We fall a couple times while carrying the gear because of all the mud.
Saturday 2pm – We finally get our gear on a road, away from the mud. We’re arguing with each other because some of us are drunk, our PA system/gear is covered in mud and probably broken, and we have a show later that night.
Saturday 3:30pm – We get our trailer to a big enough parking lot where we can take the gear out and try to clean everything with rags.
Saturday 4pm – We plug all of our gear into our generator to make sure nothing is broken. Everything works great. It’s a miracle! So we start drinking and cleaning the mud off of everything.
Saturday 5:30pm – We load the gear back into the trailer and head to the venue where our show is that night.
Saturday 7pm – We get to the venue and start setting up on stage. The place is super nice, almost like a luxurious hotel lobby.
Saturday 8:30pm – We do a soundcheck. The fraternity guys start having us drink with them.
Saturday 11pm – We start performing. The people in the crowd throw each other up on their shoulders and start fighting each other. Like what you would do in the pool when you were a kid. It was so bizarre, we were dying laughing.
Sunday 2am – We finish performing and pack everything up.
Sunday 3am – We head home and try to get some sleep before our next performance.
Sunday 8am – We wake up and head to the next venue.
Sunday 10am – We show up to this nice jewish venue, which looks like a fancy clubhouse for a tennis court, and they show us where they are having us perform.
Sunday 11:30 – We do a soundcheck and the cumulative hanger starts to hit. We’re not allowed to drink.
Sunday Noon – We start playing and they ask us to play jewish songs because it is a jewish holiday. We don’t know any jewish songs (I don’t know why they booked us).
Sunday 12:30pm – We learn a couple jewish songs and continue playing.
Sunday 4pm – We get home and pack the gear up.
Sunday 4:15pm – We start pregaming for the party we are having later that night.

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