Why haven’t you worked with _________ band/artist?
We do the best we can to work with as many bands and artists from all different genres. It’s not always up to us whether a band wants to work with us or not. If you want to suggest someone for use to work with, just send us a tweet on Twitter or make a post on our Facebook! We do read all of the tweets and Facebook posts that are sent to us, so this is a great way to give us suggestions.

I’m a musician, can you post about me or my band?
We love to work with artists/bands of all sizes. Currently, we only accept music submissions via SubmitHub. If you’re interested in filming some of DTB’s cool video features, send us an email using the form provided here.

I’m having an issue with your site, can you help me?
Yes! We will do everything in our power to resolve any issues you’re having. Just fill out the contact form here. Make sure you let us know what browser you’re using, as well as your computer’s operating system. Some other useful information to include: version of operating system, version of internet browser and your screen resolution.

I saw some an awesome tour related news post on Facebook/Twitter/etc, but it isn’t posted on your site. Can you make a post about it?
We sure can! Just fill our our contact us form and we will do our best to make a post about it. Just make sure that it is tour related. We don’t make news posts about album releases, song premiers, internet drama, etc.