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Digital Tour Bus founder, Joshua Weidling, of Bartlett, Illinois, is no stranger to the music industry. Despite being only 26-years-old, Weidling has owned his own concert promotions company, created an annual Chicago music festival, and has launched the ambitious web project, Digital Tour Bus – all while pursuing and obtaining a degree in Business/Marketing, from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In 2007, while attending Bartlett High School, Weidling began promoting and booking shows for local venues under the moniker, Chi-Town Productions. Within no time, Weidling found himself booking national acts including: The White Tie Affair, The Ready Set, Alex Goot and We Came As Romans. Finding success in the booking of such shows, Weidling decided to create an annual festival to showcase even more emerging acts in one grandiose event. The day-long music experience, known as Stick it to the Man! Fest, took place each summer in the Chicago-land area from 2007 through 2009.

After graduating from high school and moving on to the University of Illinois at Chicago, Weidling’s desire to become well rounded in multiple verses of the music industry led to a shift in his focus from promoting, to a more involved from a behind-the-scenes prospective.  Joining the staffs of Chicago’s Crescendo Magazine and ForTheSound.com, Weidling was able to do just that. Serving as a news poster at ForTheSound.com and as an editor, contributing writer, marketing and advertising for Crescendo, he was able to utilize his previously acquired skills in marketing and promotions, while adding an entirely new set of interpersonal and interactive communication skills by conducting interviews with many up-and-coming bands. Digital Tour Bus takes Weidling to the next level, by creating the ultimate blend of Weidling’s previous experiences – interviewing, networking, and promoting – with his new found appreciation for capturing a unique industry perspective. Digital Tour Bus has that extra edge to dig deeper into the backstage antics of touring musicians – and quite literally – goes where most fans and friends have never gone before.

Juggling so many projects and commitments would be a disaster for most, but for Weidling it’s a chance to showcase his dedication, hard work, and versatility across all platforms of the music industry. Weidling lives his life by making the most of each individual day. He states, “My goal of every day is to accomplish everything I can. If I fail to accomplish some sort of task I feel that I have wasted my day.” It’s not just about the development of ideas, but rather the process of turning those ideas into a final product that can be shared with the masses and enjoyed by all. Every single day is a chance to turn a new idea into reality. Grounded by the discipline and focus he learned from 13 years of playing baseball, the ongoing support of his friends and family, and a relentless passion for exciting, new music, Weidling certainly seems to have hit a home run with the enthralling endeavor of Digital Tour Bus and is on his way to greater success in the music industry. The future only knows what else will be in store from the innovative mind of Joshua Weidling!

Updated: August 27, 2016