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Diamond Plate – 1st ROAD BLOG from “Death Angel’s North American Tour 2013”

posted Joshua Weidling on October 27, 2013

Diamond Plate - promo

The metal band, Diamond Plate, is currently on the road supporting Death Angel’s North American headline tour with 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross and Revocation. While they’re on this tour, the band will be doing an exclusive Road Blog for us. You can check out the band’s first blog and pictures, after the break.

We pack up the Winnebago and leave Chicago on Monday October 14 to make the 2000+ mile drive to start the Death Angel tour in Los Angeles, California. With less than a grand in cash to our name, we have just enough to make the start of the tour and then hopefully sell enough merch to survive until the end.

This is Matt’s first time ever on the road, so when we reach Utah we figured it’d be a good idea to give him a trial by fire with driving the RV through the mountains at night. We had already reached a pretty high elevation, so a few minutes into his shift we were hitting some pretty intense grades going down. He drops it down to a lower gear to save the brakes. No problems there. The grade eases up so we tell him it’s cool to put it back into normal gear.except he accidentally shifts it into reverse. The RV lets out a noise that can only be described as Satan himself taking a shit, the oil pressure goes crazy, and we come to an immediate stop.

At 2 A.M. in the middle of the Rocky Mountains we were all thinking the same thing: the transmission blew up, the tour is done before it even started. Game over.

Do you remember the scene in the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ when Samuel L. Jackson’s and John Travolta’s characters are shot at in the apartment and all the bullets miss them? I’m on Jules Winnfields’ side when I say that what happened to us that night can only be described as divine intervention. Because we SHOULD have been completely done. But for some reason we weren’t. We turned the RV back on, and everything was alright. It was as if we had never put a 5 ton Winnebago into reverse while going down a fucking mountain.

So we did the only thing we could do at that point – drove to the nearest 24-hour Walmart, got fucked up, woke up the next morning and kept heading West.

Check us out on tour with Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross, and Revocation – thanks for supporting heavy music!

-Konrad Kupiec of DIAMOND PLATE

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