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Coheed and Cambria – TOUR TIPS (part 1 of 2)

posted Joshua Weidling on March 24, 2013

Coheed and Cambria - promo

This set of Tour Tips was written by Coheed and Cambria’s drummer, Josh Eppard. You can check out this tips, after the break.

1. Always be organized: Life on the road is crazy enough so any time you can get a system down to keep things in order you should probably do that!

2. Take a damn shower: I’ve seen gnarly rashes and jock itch that ventures beyond the jock so staying clean is always a good idea

3. Load up on movies: Seriously, for those long drives nothing passes the time like a good 5-6 movies!

4. Warm up……a lot: When I was 20 I didn’t so much as stretch before we played! Now a good 2 hours of stretches and warm ups will get me through those shows where something aches!

5. Treat your fans right: They’re the reason you have a career. Don’t be a boob.

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