Joshua Weidling – Founder / Editor In Chief / Videographer – Facebook and Twitter – digitaltourbus@yahoo.com

Video Editors

Alycia DeMuro – VimeoFacebook and Twitter – alyciade@gmail.com

Danielle Rice – daniellenotbroken@gmail.com

Emily Gibbons – emilyg250100@gmail.com

Harley Edgley – Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – edgleyharley@gmail.com

Jake Schmidtendorff – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – jakebrakesch@gmail.com

Jennifer Skinner – jennskinn2@gmail.com

Johnny Wright – Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – johnnywrightiv@gmail.com

Josh Jay – Instagram and Twitter – bimmiej@gmail.com

Kris Cortes – Facebook and Twitter – krisfuentescortes@gmail.com

Leslie Tucker – Website, Facebook and Instagram – lezlijean@gmail.com

Marlene Tellefsen – marlenetellefsen@hotmail.com

Nina DeSell – mdesell1@jhmi.edu

Ryan Swindlehurst – Facebook and Twitter – rswindle426@gmail.com

Shelby Baker – Instagram

Suzanne DeCree – WebsiteFacebook, Instagram and Twitter – rockon@suzannedecree.com

Viney Mistry – Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – vineymistry@gmail.com

News Writers

Alyssa Mount-Bycholski – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – alyssarosephoto@gmail.com

Elexis Hipp – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – lxshpp7@gmail.com

Mariah Spiering – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – mariah.spiering@gmail.com

Concert Reviewers & Photographers

Ali Jimenez – Facebook – alij2369@gmail.com

Ashley Day – Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter –  ashley@ashleyday.org

Kris Cortes – WebsiteFacebook, Instagram and Twitter – krisfuentescortes@gmail.com

Mariah Budin – Facebook and Twitter – budinphoto@yahoo.com

Natalie Gaul – Website, Facebook and Instagram – natalieegaul@gmail.com

Nathan Katsiaficas – Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – njkatsia@gmail.com

Nikki Cardiello – Facebook and Twitter – nikki83093@gmail.com

Video Transcribers

Alex – alexpotter9817@gmail.com

Updated: August 27, 2016

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